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School Code : 15532

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Due to Hon’ble High Court’s order, Revised Tuition fees for Aditya Academy (Sec), Kadambagachi, Barasat School for 2020-21 session:


Essential & availed Facilities


Sl No

Class Reduction of 20% Tuition fees applicable for 2020-21 Essential services viz Electricity, telephone & other maintenance charges Software and IT infrastructure charges for online classes

Total Fees to be paid by the student


Nur to KG 1320 175 125



Class I to V 1560 175 125



Class VI to VIII 1640 175 175



Class IX & X 1680 175 175



Class XI 1880 175 175



Class XII 1880 175 175



Dear Parents,

For the past seven months, the pandemic has really taken a test of our character, resolve, perseverance, and fortitude and it continues to do so.

We, at Aditya Academy Secondary, have been pretty resilient, focused, and committed to continue providing quality education and engagement to our students despite tremendous constraints in terms of available resources both financial and otherwise through innovation and ingenuity brought forth by our teachers and ably supported by our parents.

You would appreciate that these are extremely difficult times that both us and you as our extended family would need to wade through in the spirit of maximum cooperation and minimum discord. The school endeavors to provide for the livelihood of employees with minimal disruptions and your sustained cooperation would be quintessential for a win-win scenario where the teachers and the support staff are in a position to sustain themselves and invest fully in the comprehensive development of your children which is aligned to the human spirit and values of sharing mutual sustenance societal bonding and collective progress.

It is in this spirit of oneness and progress that we urge upon you to support the school with full contributions in terms of the school fees without waiver especially those parents who have not been severely impacted by the pandemic in terms of their financial liabilities. The Honorable High Court has also empathized with the schools in this turbulent period and suggested the parents financially prudent enough and who might not require a waiver may continue on with the total fee. Also, the fact that it would be imperative to maintain huge infrastructure like school building premises, stadium, transport, and logistics in an appropriate manner so as to facilitate a seamless transition to pre covid era ways of working as soon as the situation normalizes. Your support and cooperation would be best needed herein as well.

For a private unaided school like us, this is the period of benevolence wherein you may hold hands of those less privileged so that a sense of goodwill, trust, empathy, and understanding evolves for the collective good of one and all.

Solicit your support.


Mrs. Paramita Ghoshal




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